Service Opportunities

We have some immediate needs: some urgent, short term projects, some long-term ministry commitments.  How can you serve?  Let us know by filling out the form at the bottom or speaking to the contact person listed.

Ongoing Needs

Community Kitchen - Crossway provides volunteers to serve our neighbors on the first Thursday of every month.  A great opportunity to show God's concern for the poor and get to know who our neighbors are!  To sign up for for a time to serve in 2022 , click here.  For more details, contact: Aaron Russo
Nursery & Children's Church - Our littlest ones are precious!  Will you volunteer to serve them and their parents during our services and ABF?  Joining the rotation allows those already volunteering more opportunities to attend ABF and services.  Contact: Ellen Ryan
Building Maintenance and Improvements - Are you handy?  We are blessed with a beautiful building, but it isn't getting any younger.  If you've got the skills, there are projects waiting to help make our building more warm, welcoming and functional.  Contact: Dave Calhoun
Worship Service Setup & Close - Lots of little details go into preparing to gather: turning on heat or A/C, adjusting the blinds, making coffee, setting up chairs for ABF, etc.  Then there's shutting everything down and getting the building ready to be cleaned.  Many hands make light work!  Contact: Richard Russell
Cleaning - Floors, bathrooms, windows, kitchen, etc.  The church building doesn't clean itself!  A great way to do some behind-the-scenes service.  Contact: Jessica Rehmer

Sign Up or Get Info

Fill out the form to volunteer or ask questions, or speak to the contact person listed.