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Our Elders

Crossway is an Elder-led church. In the New Testament we find four titles used for the officers of the local church: Elder, Overseer, Pastor, and Deacon. The first three terms are used interchangeably to refer to the same office. Elders (Pastors), then, were appointed to oversee and shepherd the overall direction of a local church.  Decision making by the Elders is done only when all Elders are in agreement regarding a particular issue. Each Elder has the same amount of authority as any of the others, but not necessarily the same role or specific ministry to fulfill. Depending on their spiritual giftedness and availability, our Elders will vary in time commitment or forms of public ministry.

Craig Johnson

A native of Detroit, MI, Craig attended The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, CA.  After graduating, Craig began serving as a youth pastor at Christ Community Church in Plainfield. He went on to serve as one of two staff pastors/elders, until he was sent to Keene to help plant Crossway Church with about 30 other CCC members in 2009.  Craig is primarily responsible for preaching, teaching, and counseling, and keeps regular hours at the church building. Craig and Tiffany have six kids.  Craig keeps regular office hours at the church building.

Sam Vendt

Sam graduated from Keene State College in 2011 with a degree in Music Education and spent seven years as an elementary music teacher.  During that time, he also got his Master of Education at Liberty University.  Sam has served in various ministries including the worship team, leading youth ministry, men’s ministry, writing corporate worship songs, and teaching.  As an elder, Sam is primarily responsible for church administration, discipleship, and teaching. Sam enjoys writing and recording music, playing board games, going for walks, and spending time with his family and friends. Sam and Alex have four children.  Sam keeps regular office hours at the church building.

Richard Russell

Bio coming soon!

Aaron Russo

After college, Aaron moved to inner city Oakland, CA to do gospel ministry among little kids and former drug dealers.  Since then he’s done a little of everything, from professional music to architectural conservation to supply chain management.  Aaron has an MA in Vocal Performance and is currently working toward an MA in Biblical Studies.  He is primarily responsible for teaching, leading worship, discipleship and church finances.  Aaron  enjoys history, playing music, reading out loud, cats, the woods, and watching period dramas and adventure flicks.  Aaron and Becky have three kids.  Aaron keeps regular hours at the church building.  

Our Deacons

Deacons are official servants within the church, helping to free the Elders from many temporal concerns (Acts 6:1-6).  They have delegated authority under the Elders to lead particular ministries (Acts 6:3, 6).

Laney Burch

Women's Ministry
Laney lives and serves in Sullivan with her husband and their two children. She grew up in California, but loves the distinct beauty of each season in New England. Her favorite things to do are to talk and read about how to follow Jesus, sing, learn ballet, and eat chocolate.

Tiffany Johnson

Women's Ministry
Tiffany grew up in California where she met her husband Craig. With a passion for ministry, she prayed to marry a pastor and the Lord answered in short order! She loves to read Christian biographies, sing to Jesus, prove that Jesus answers prayers, hang out with her six precious kids and her soulmate, go garage sale shopping and find time to squeeze in some eclectic interior design. 

Eric Landfried

Children's Ministry
Eric has taught our 4th to 6th Grade Sunday School classes from day one, and has built a reputation for engaging young minds in a thoughtful, reverent examination of the scriptures.  Eric oversees our Sunday School and Nursery ministries to support parents in giving our kids the best biblical education we can.  Eric is also a novelist, a drummer, and our resident expert on superheroes.  He and his wife Kristen (also a dedicated Sunday School teacher) live in Walpole.

Gretchen Russell

Women's Ministry
Bio coming soon!