Get To Know Crossway

In "Get to Know Crossway" (G2KC) classes you'll learn all about what we do as a church and why we do it.  We don't want to be slaves to tradition or to pragmatism.  We want to be Biblical.  We want to know what the Bible says our priorities and values should be, and  that will shape the distinctive way we do certain things.

These videos cover all the content of our classes, but without the usual discussion and time for questions.  So use the notes, write down your questions or comments to address when you talk to one of the pastors.


Overview Priorities Core Values Distinctives
1. Introduction 5. Worship 9. High View of God 16. Plurality of Leadership 
2. Membership 6. Instruction 10. High View of God's Word 17. Expository Preaching
3. Our Purpose 7. Fellowship 11. Biblical View of Man 18. Fully Training Disciples
4. Our Mission 8. Evangelism 12. Sovereignty of God 19. The Whole Gospel 
    13. The Gospel Mission 20. Biblical Counseling 
    14. The Local Church 21. Reproof and Restoration
    15. Biblical Leadership  


Part 1: Introduction   Download Notes

An overview of the topics to be covered along with practical ways to benefit most from the class.

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Part 2: Membership  Download Notes

Why does Crossway have a formalized membership process? To obey certain commands in Scripture it is necessary to know who is part of the church and who is not. This video surveys some of the extraordinary benefits of publicly committing yourself to a local church.


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Part 3: Crossway’s Purpose   Download Notes

It's a common thing for Christians to talk about glorifying God, but what does that mean? In this lesson, we explore the Bible's teaching on glorifying God as individuals and corporately in the church.

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Part 4: Crossway’s Mission  Download Notes

What is the main mission of the church? This video explains Jesus’s commission to make disciples.

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Our Priorities

Part 5: Priority of Worship   Download Notes

Christians gather for worship, we sing worship songs, but God’s idea of worship may be more all-encompassing than we realized! This video will help you understand the Bible’s definition of worship and explore Scriptural principles that govern our worship at Crossway Church.

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Part 6: Priority of Instruction   Download Notes

At Crossway we treasure times of teaching from the Bible. Instruction undergirds and informs everything we do as a church.

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Part 7: Priority of Fellowship   Download Notes

Churches share fellowship meals in fellowship halls—but true fellowship is much more than just eating and talking together. God’s Word informs our understanding of what fellowship is, why we have it, and how to magnify the gospel through fellowship in the church.

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Part 8: Priority of Evangelism   Download Notes

Have you ever thought of yourself as a steward, a herald, or an ambassador? If you’re a Christian the Bible puts these titles on your spiritual business card! Learn how we at Crossway Church aim to maintain evangelism as a priority.

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Our Core Values

Part 9: A High View of God  Download Notes

It has been said: The essence of idolatry is thinking thoughts about God that are unworthy of Him. It is downright dangerous for a church to foster an inaccurate or low view of God! How can Crossway Church maintain a high view of God?

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Part 10: A High View of God's Word  Download Notes

At Crossway we are committed to exalting God’s living and abiding Word! Terrible danger awaits any church with weak convictions about the authenticity, authority, sufficiency, or relevancy of the Bible.

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Part 11: A Biblical View of Man   Download Notes

Scripture makes the case that all people are totally depraved. Why is it so vital that we agree with the Bible’s bleak diagnosis of our condition?

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Part 12: The Sovereignty of God in Salvation   Download Notes

God has saved us in such a way as to guarantee that He receives all the glory. Learn the many implications of this amazing truth.

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Part 13: Primacy of the Gospel Mission   Download Notes

St. Francis of Assisi once said, “Preach the gospel, if necessary, use words.” What does the Bible say about verbal proclamation of the gospel? How should a church view social involvement such as caring for the poor?

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Part 14: The Centrality of the Local Church  Download Notes

What difference does it make if I am active in a local church? Couldn’t I just listen to sermons online and fellowship with my Christian friends at work? 1 Timothy 3:15 is a power packed verse that reveals God’s perspective on what the church is and why it must be central to our lives.

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Part 15: A Biblical View of Church Leadership Download Notes

What does God want pastors/elders in the church to be doing? This video explains specific tasks God has charged leaders in the church to accomplish.

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Our Distinctives

Part 16: Plurality of Spiritual Leadership   Download Notes

How many pastors should a local church have? Is the concept of a "senior pastor" something that is found in Scripture? What kind of authority do elders/shepherds/overseers have? How are leaders in the church held accountable and prevented from abusing their authority?

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Part 17: Expository Preaching Download Notes

What is expository preaching? Why do we practice it as a regular pattern at Crossway Church?

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Part 18: Fully Training Disciples for Gospel Ministry Download Notes

In God’s plan, who is responsible to do the work of ministry in the church? Does God expect that local churches will raise up pastors or is that a job for seminaries? We have been equipped with the Scriptures to answer these questions and teach us how to pursue comprehensive discipleship.

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Part 19: Teaching the Whole Gospel Download Notes

The gospel is the greatest news of all time! We must guard against the threat of incomplete or errant gospel proclamation lest we lose the truth altogether.

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Part 20: Biblical Counseling   Download Notes

The Scriptures are sufficient to transform peoples’ lives and make them like Christ. Anger, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, addictions—these are not outside the purview of the Bible’s power to remedy. Crossway is committed to Biblical counseling and has a vision for how this will look at our church. 

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Part 21: Reproof and Restoration Download Notes

God cares about our holiness and has given instructions to the church for her purity. Sinners go astray just as sheep wander, but our Good Shepherd has a plan!

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