Biblical Counseling

Crossway Church provides biblical counseling and counseling training based solely on the truth of God's eternal and sufficient Word, the Bible. This biblical counseling is provided free to anyone in need in the Keene area. If you have problems with marriage, family, relationships, anger, anxiety, parenting, or any other issue of life, we would like to come along side you and discover how the wisdom of God contained in the Bible can be applied to those problems so that your heart can be transformed and your life will truly reflect the character of our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Those who counsel and disciple others at Crossway base their counsel entirely on their personal knowledge of the Bible and its application to every day living. They are not trained or licensed by any government approved agency or institution. Our mission involves making disciples of Jesus Christ by helping them understand God's Word and live it out in practical ways with the goal of being a faithful worshipper of God (John 4:23-24). The truth of God's Word, understood and applied by the power of the Holy Spirit, can bring hope and transformation to any soul willing to live according to the will of God.

If you are interested in receiving biblical counsel at Crossway, please read and fill out the forms below, and send them to the church. After receiving your completed forms a counselor will contact you to arrange a time to meet.

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